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Apple Technician Courses


Objectives Of Apple Certified Mac Technician Course

Apple Certified Mac Technician (ACMT) course helps the students in learning all the information and tools relating to Apple and Mac computers. This course is for a duration of 4 days and aims to give properly certified raining regarding macOS setup, services,and features. 

The objective of the training and what is taught to the trainees?

The usage of Disk Utility is taughtwhich is helpful in preparingthe volume for anOS X. Further, the description regarding the macOS installation is taught by usingthe Mac App Store as well asmacOS Recovery. Identification of proper methods is also a part of theprocess. The migration of data is a complex process in Mac computers hence it is also taught to the students by utilizing this useful reference to content migration tools available in macOS.

Apple Certified Mac TechnicianIt is also important to analyze power states- Mac running macOS,thus, this is also done in the training process, the students are described the troubleshoot on Mac models without sleep indication. The process and simpler tips which can be given to the customers for expanding the battery life are also given to the trainees. This is also a part of service providing management of the product.

Identification of multipleaccounts given in macOSis taught along with the description of various capabilities associated with the accounts which namely includes keychain options or password options.


Also, the identification and description of differentsecurity settings associated with macOSaretaught during the course. Various features and toolsare describedlike Gatekeeper, Firewall, FileVault 2 Firmware or EFI password, settings, location service and many more.

The students are also taught the process of using the Time Machine givenin macOSwhich is useful in creation, restoring and management of secure backup provided to every customer. Configuration and usage of OS X features including Mission Control and Spotlight are taught during the course.

The purpose behind using specified diagnostic programs and tools is described to the students efficiently. Usage of Apple documentation, best service strategies for safe repairmen of different Mac computers and approved tools is taught during the session.

Topics covered in the course

The following topics are included in the certifiestraining:

macOS Setup and Maintenance, macOS Security macOS User Accounts, macOS File System macOS Permissions, Time Machine Power Management, macOS Networks macOS Troubleshooting Tools Mac Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting Startup Issues Service Guides Repairing all Macs, Servicing Macs, Mac Diagnostics.